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5907Perl with threads.

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  • fluke4532
    Apr 28, 2005
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      I have a problem, which I hope somebody here can help me with. I
      really want to be able to run perl-programs on my NSLU2. I can easily
      install the ipkg packet, and run perl, but the problem is, I need perl
      to be compiled with threads. I have tried to compile perl myself, but
      the Configure-script just get stuck after a while. This is the same
      for both version 5.6.1 and 5.8.6, but it dos not happen in the same
      place. The last message i get from the script i 5.6.1 is:

      <sys/statfs.h> NOT found.

      Checking to see if your system supports struct statfs...
      No, it doesn't.
      No, it doesn't.

      And the last message from 5.8.6 is:

      Let's see what value errno gets from read() on a O_NONBLOCK file...
      A read() system call with no data present returns -1.
      Your read() sets errno to EAGAIN when no data is available.
      And it correctly returns 0 to signal EOF.

      I am running the script with these commands:

      sh Configure -D prefix=/opt \
      -D installprefix=/opt \
      -U usedl \
      -U installusrbinperl \
      -D usethreads \
      -d \

      Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can compile perl with

      Best regards