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5899Re: [nslu2-linux] new packages

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  • Josh Parsons
    Apr 27, 2005
      On Wed, 2005-04-27 at 22:30 +0100, Robert Hammond wrote:

      > php-thttpd defaults to loading as a standalone program. Is it possible
      > and/or advisable to run this program instance under xinetd.

      I don't believe so, maybe a thttpd expert can help you though.

      > The php-thttpd default www root points to a conf partition folder
      > /opt/share/www. I have changed this in the relevant configuration file
      > to point to a data partition folder (I think that most users will also
      > need to do this).

      That's a good point. To do things in any other way, however, would be to
      violate the principle that unslung packages do not install anything
      except under /opt.

      In unslung 4, /opt will be stored on the data partition anyway, and this
      will not be a problem.

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