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4696Re: [nslu2-linux] How to recreate the conf/ partition of Unslungfirmware

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  • Josh Parsons
    Mar 1 3:12 PM
      On Tue, 2005-03-01 at 21:02 +0100, Mathieu Monney wrote:
      > I have made a "tar cz /share/hdd/conf*"
      > Actually, there isn't any hidden file in my conf partition :-( !
      > WIth a "fresh" conf partition, is there any hidden file ?

      Yes, there is a .dongle, which is empty, owned by root, and mode 0666;
      there is also .htpasswd, which appears to contain (encoded) passwords
      for the nslu2 web interface, owned by root, mode 0644. Obviously, I'm
      not going to send you a copy of my .htpasswd, but you may be able to
      reconstruct one using the htpasswd utility that comes with apache.

      You could also reformat your disk with your nslu2, and then untar your
      saved data into the conf partition.

      tar cz /share/hdd/conf/* is not a safe way to backup any directory, as
      it leaves out the hidden files.

      tar cz /share/hdd/conf would have been a safer way to do what you

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