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25165Re: [nslu2-linux] Goodbye from a moderator

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  • Drew Gibson
    Jun 8, 2013
      I guess Big Brother IS listening. :-} The message below originally included a quotation for all the surrender-monkeys:

      "Due to their excellent understanding of the regional topography and bison behaviour, native people hunted bison by stampeding them over a precipice. They then carved up the carcasses and dragged the pieces to be butchered and processed in the butchering camp set up on the flats beyond the cliffs."
      ref: Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump - http://history.alberta.ca/headsmashedin/

      On 08/06/13, Drew Gibson <aggibson@...> wrote:

      Hi Brian,

      thanks for all your efforts over the years in keeping the list alive and well. It was the slug that got me into ARM computing years before it was fashionable and that could not have happened without the invaluable tips and fixes I got from this list.

      Others may feel that just because you're f*ck*d you should roll over and wave the white flag but even a token gesture is worthwhile to remind us all of what is coming down the pipe.

      I respect your decision and wish you well in your future endeavours.



      On 07/06/13, Harsh <harshbaste@...> wrote:

      Its a safe bet that big brother has 100s of more inventive (and far more accurate) ways to monitor you. Cell phones, credit cards, GPS devices, your computer, your (snail) mail, etc. being the obvious ones. When all else fails, they can just monitor you via surveillance cameras all over the city and (now) probably drones.
      Closing down your yahoo account is going to be a drop in the ocean if you want to avoid monitoring. To be really effective, I would recommend a deserted island somewhere in the middle of the Arctic sea where you cut off all contact with the outside world and grow your own food (assuming the spy satellites wont get you there either) ;-)
      Just remain the moderator will you! This place runs because of people like yourself and we are thankful :-)

      From: Brian Wood <bwood@...>
      To: nslu2-linux@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Friday, 7 June 2013 8:56 PM
      Subject: Re: [nslu2-linux] Goodbye from a moderator
      On 6/7/13 1:34 AM, Inge Arnesen wrote:
      > Dear all,
      > Due
      > to http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2013/jun/06/us-tech-giants-nsa-data I'm
      > terminating my Yahoo account and will no longer be able to moderate
      > nslu2-linux. Thanks for all the years together with the little NAS that
      > could!
      > all the best,
      > Bob_tm

      So I suppose you are disconnecting from the internet and will no longer
      use it at all.

      This because every major internet company is almost certainly doing the
      same thing you are complaining about Yahoo doing.

      Governments, especially the US, will continue to "monitor" the internet,
      legally or not.

      Yahoo and others are simply trying to stay alive. A US company that did
      not "cooperate" would suffer the wrath of the government. While I wish
      they would stand up to the government and prevent this sort of
      unjustifiable spying, it's not going to happen.

      I am sorry to see you go, but your stated reason makes no sense, as
      there is nowhere to go that does not have the same problem.

      All the best.

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