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25145Ampache + amarok running on unslung - is it possible?

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  • Joao
    Apr 17, 2013
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      Hello everyone!

      I got Ampache v.3.5.4 (a «rich», i.e., *heavy* MPD web client) running on my unslung 6.10 slug and connected to a pair of Hi-Fi speakers through a cheap Media-C usb soundcard (kinda slow but it works!).

      I wonder if it's possible to install on top of it the media player Amarok? The newest 2.7 release uses mysql5 (not included yet on ipkg's repo), but maybe and older version (just like Ampache) that uses mysql will do the job?

      Any hint or feedback about similar successful (or unsuccessful) attempts would be very much appreciated...
      J. Miranda
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