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25082optware package git_1.7.12.1-1_powerpc.ipk buggy?

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  • ghiro2000
    Oct 15, 2012
      Hi dear folks, I've spent three full days trying to get git working on a synology ds101g+ diskstation with no result. My aim is to enable ds101g+ to host git repositories.  The error is trivial to describe and to reproduce. After installing all the necessary packages (core-utils, ssh, git, ...) I connected to the diskstation via ssh and performed this simple test:

      - initialize an empty repository
          DiskStation> cd /volume1/repos/
          DiskStation> mkdir test
          DiskStation> cd test
          DiskStation> git init
          Initialized empty Git repository in /volume1/repos/test/.git/

      - add a single file and commit
          DiskStation> echo 'hi' > hi
          DiskStation> git add hi
          Diskstation> git commit -m "first commit"
          error: unable to find 45b983be36b73c0788dc9cbcb76cbb80fc7bb057
          fatal: 45b983be36b73c0788dc9cbcb76cbb80fc7bb057 is not a valid object

      - What's that? Let's check the filesystem
          DiskStation> git fsck
          notice: HEAD points to an unborn branch (master)
          Checking object directories: 100% (256/256), done.
          error: unable to find 45b983be36b73c0788dc9cbcb76cbb80fc7bb057
          fatal: failed to read object 45b983be36b73c0788dc9cbcb76cbb80fc7bb057: Bad file descriptor

      - the funny part is that the objects DO EXIST in the filesystem:
          DiskStation> find .git/objects/ -type f

      The bottom line is that git do not accept any commit. This is really a strange error which seems to depend on the git package. To confirm this suspect I mounted the git repository via ssh and perfomed the same check from a PC (this time using git on the PC):
          PC> sshfs git@diskstation:/volume1/repos/test ~/test
          PC> cd test
          PC> git fsck
          notice: HEAD points to an unborn branch (master)
          notice: No default references

      NO ERRORS! Which implies that the repository is not corrupted. So what? Am I doing right? Anyone out there have an idea of what's going on? Thanks a lot

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