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24945Can't re-flash NSLU2 with unslung

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  • hoytduff@ymail.com
    Nov 30 8:12 PM
      I was given an NSLU2 that had been flashed with V2.3R63-uNSLUng-6.10-beta and the password was conveniently written on a piece of tape on the case, so I was able to determine that the device does work.

      However, the flash drive that was paired with the NSLU2 is missing.

      From what I've read, it seems necessary to have it to run unslung, so it's 32MB replacement is in port #2, formatted with a FAT filesystem.

      I've read the docs, compiled upslug2, downloaded the firmware and put the NSLU2 into "upgrade mode" using the reset button at power-on. I can see the LED flashing from red to green.

      However, upslug2 reports "[no NSLU2 machines found in upgrade mode]".

      And rebooting the NSLU2 into normal mode causes it to show up on the network at, so the network connection is OK.

      I would like to use to use the device as a pyTivo server with an 2GB NTFS volume at port #1.

      I haven't run across this situation while reading the docs.

      So what do I do to get it working?