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24870Re: Which Firmware

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  • oddballhero
    Jun 9, 2011
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      If it's working for you, might as well stick with it. MWester sent out a message a while back the he is updating SlugOS, I haven't heard any updates. I am running OpenWrt Backfire on mine and doing well for my purposes. I usually check out the repositories to see if they have the packages I want before making a decision on what to install. I'm running Debian on a Dockstar for video surveillance so maybe Debian on a Slug would be good too.

      --- In nslu2-linux@yahoogroups.com, Mahesh Ghule <mahesh.ghule@...> wrote:
      > Hello Gurus,
      > I have a simple bordering on to daft question.
      > Which is the best firmware I should use for my Linksys NSLU2?
      > I have been using SlugOS 5.3 Beta on my slug for last two years. My main
      > usage of it was
      > 1. Media Server(MediaTomb)
      > 2. Torrent Client(Transmission)
      > 3. Home network FileServer(Samba)
      > 4. Gateway to my home network via ssh.
      > I was happy with what I had. It was my stupidity(let's not go there) that I
      > have to rebuild it. I have two external drive 640GB and 500GB both Seagate.
      > Now as I am about to rebuild it I wish to know should I use same SlugOSBE or
      > try something new. I also want to use my Slug to monitor my room with WebCam
      > but that is not a must.
      > Please advice.
      > Regards,
      > Mahesh
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