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24856Unable to get Debian installer to recognize fatslug

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  • scottypcguy_03
    May 3, 2011
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      Hi guys,

      I've been trying to install Debian on my slug with little success. I have successfully fattened the slug (at least mechanically) but once booting the squeeze installer (with the latest apex bootloader) I still only see 28844 total when running 'free' from the installer command line and when I proceed with the install it runs out of memory loading the partitioner (as expected). I've been through just about every page there is on the slug wiki, and I'm left scratching my head. :P

      (Note: I'm still getting my feet wet with linux, I'd rather not have to compile anything. Last time I tried, I ran into huge dependency issues trying to compile MPD-UPnP. :P Also, I'm not going to build a jtag debugger or a serial interface. This all has to be done remotely if possible.)

      Any ideas?