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24835Re: Moving from Unslung to Debian

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  • Adam Baker
    Mar 22, 2011
      mp3sub <mp3sub@...> writes:

      > Hello
      > I've the unslung working on my NSLU2 which is connected to one USB Harddisk.
      I'd like to install debian now. I
      > tried the debian installer and the installer asks to partition USB harddisk. I
      do not want to lose any data
      > on the harddisk. My question is this. How do I safely install debian on a HD
      that was previously used for
      > Unslung? I would like to retain all the original data on the HD (which was 60%

      I managed to achieve this by partitioning the disk how I wanted it using gparted
      on another Linux machine then selecting manual partitioning when setting up
      Debian but it was non trivial. I think it was necessary to make sure /dev/sda3
      was a small partition that could be used as /boot
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