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24749Re: [nslu2-linux] Re: Low power / quiet drive

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  • Stephen Miller
    Jan 6, 2011
      I have been running one-wire for 5 years now on OpenSlug 2.7 using a 30G
      drive out of my old laptop. No special treatment at all. I have had
      owwnogui hang, usually due to the barometric sensor, but it all works.
      Last year I finally put it on a UPS after giving up on solar power and
      have consistently gotten 3 month uptimes (119 days, this run). I have
      rebuilt the power supply of course (maybe twice). A storage drive is a
      Maxtor 3.5" 160G one that spins down and it works fine too.

      Also, I have never actually had a USB stick fail. I have a second slug
      with a USB stick soldered directly to one of the unused internal ports.
      It works fine too. I have also tried to kill a CF by writing blocks
      repeatedly for days; something like approximately 16 million writes if I
      remember. I got bored with it after about 4 days. I still use that same
      CF card for my work. It was a Sandisk unit and I have a lot of respect
      for their products.

      It seems to me that this discussion is creating the impression that the
      storage devices cannot be trusted but my experience is otherwise. I see
      no reason to put RAID into the firmware and if you are that concerned
      about your data, perhaps the slug is a poor choice. There are backup
      solutions that are a better choice IMO. Since almost all slug hardware
      problems are due to power issues, I think any concern should start there.


      On 11-01-06 8:22 AM, Mike Westerhof wrote:
      > M.J. Johnson wrote:
      >> The amount of discussion this topic has generated is astounding.
      >> Many of the messages have debated the merits and shortcomings of solid
      >> state vs. microdrives. Bottom line: all drives fail. ALL. ("On a
      >> long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero.")
      >> Which leaves you with a mitigation strategy (RAID or some kind of
      >> failover) or a backup strategy.
      > Exactly right!
      > But not a single comment on the solution that allows one to use RAID for
      > the rootfs.
      > So, is it worth continuing to support RAID in SlugOS? I ask because I'm
      > currently struggling to fit stuff into the next SlugOS release, and
      > something needs to be tossed...
      > -Mike (mwester)
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