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24735Re: Moving RRDtool files to internal memory - where?

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  • d0nv
    Jan 5, 2011
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      Thanks for mentioning the UDP broadcast. For me, the two machines will be on separate networks across the internet so I don't think that will work in my application.

      We're running different firmware, so our rrdtool set ups will likely be different... that said, the key is installing temploggerd, which will drag along and set up rrdtool with the associated files and page displays/graphs.

      On unslung, this was as simple as:
      ipkg update
      ipkg install temploggerd

      The default configuration on unslung pretty much worked out of the box for LAN access of the 1-wire data pages/graphs. OTOH, owfs config files required tweaking to work with my iButtonLink LinkUSB adaptors, but it appears you have that sorted.

      I did extensive tweaking of the temploggerd config files afterwards for my purpose. Because I'm exposing this to internet access, I wanted to use an obscure port for port forwarding to minimize random port scans load. That necessitated I move the files elsewhere, etc.

      I have a blog post I'll be updating shortly to detail my overall solution. See http://veino.com/blog/?p=518 if interested.

      --- In nslu2-linux@yahoogroups.com, Doug <dsc3507@...> wrote:
      > Using 1-wire with Debian on NSLU2 here. I do a udp broadcast every 15 minutes to
      > the monitoring site and also have it setup to accept http access to temperatures
      > but I have not implemented rdtool. I would be interested in your configuration
      > there if you would be willing to share it.
      > Doug
      > Doug Crompton
      > WA3DSP
      > www.crompton.com
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