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24726Re: Low power / quiet drive

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  • dystopianrebel
    Jan 3, 2011
      --- In nslu2-linux@yahoogroups.com, Doug <dsc3507@...> wrote:
      > Well the microdrives are small and low power but I am not sure they are more
      > reliable. It seems there is a bunch of opinions on that.

      I don't know about opinions (there's one for every monkey), but I know that mine have been highly reliable for about five years. I run Web servers on them.

      Microdrives are known to require careful handling -- they won't survive a drop that a Flash drive can survive. So any use that requires tumbling from a balcony would eliminate microdrives. Apart from that, I suggest not heeding unsubstantiated opinion. Microdrives work. (o:
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