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24723Re: Low power / quiet drive

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  • dystopianrebel
    Jan 3, 2011
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      I had the same concern as you do about wear-levelling on Flash memory used as an OS partition.

      I have had Slug OS running on two Slugs for years (literally - five years and counting, including upgrades) on Hitachi microdrives. These products use the CompactFlash format and require a CompactFlash II type reader.

      I bought the microdrives on EBay. You can search the history of this group for other discussions about microdrives.

      --- In nslu2-linux@yahoogroups.com, Doug <dsc3507@...> wrote:
      > I wonder what the groups experience has been with low power drives under Linux
      > on the nslu2? I see there are a lot of complaints about the WD Cavier Green
      > drives but others seem to have no problems. I want a drive that runs cool, draws
      > less power, and does not require a cooling fan. 64G would be fine but I know
      > that 500G is probably a minimum now days.
      > I am also interested in experiences with flash drives. I would go that route but
      > the uncertainty of write cycle life leaves me a little concerned. I can remember
      > way back when 10K writes was the norm life, then 100K, 1M, 10M but just what
      > is the write life of these 8-64G USB sticks now and are some better than
      > others? I know you can do things to extend the life but what have real
      > experiences been? Has anyone "burned" one of these useless on an nslu2?
      > Doug Crompton
      > WA3DSP
      > www.crompton.com
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