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24689Re: [nslu2-linux] newbie: firmware flash now cannot access slug

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  • Hardy Griech
    Dec 19, 2010
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      On 20.12.2010 04:54, Mike Westerhof (mwester) wrote:
      > There are no packets from an NSLU2 in that wireshark trace -- the NSLU2
      > MAC address starts with 00:0f:xx:xx:xx:xx. Actually I think there are
      > few more octets that are fixed, but your trace doesn't even have those
      > first two octets in it, so if any packets were sent, they weren't
      > captured by wireshark.

      Why should the packets get captured in a switched network?

      I would recommend to analyse the log of the router (it was a cisco) and
      turn on debugging/verbose logging if possible.

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