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24688Re: [nslu2-linux] newbie: firmware flash now cannot access slug

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  • Mike Westerhof (mwester)
    Dec 19, 2010
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      On 12/19/2010 1:33 PM, tonjg wrote:
      > Mike Westerhof (mwester) wrote:
      >> Do you see replies to the DCHP requests? Can you post the traffic that
      >> you do see, so we can try to help?
      > if I connect the slug directly to a pc and boot it up this is what I get:
      > (wireshark file)
      > http://www.zen187664.zen.co.uk/linksys/slugbootup.dat
      > screenshot)
      > http://www.zen187664.zen.co.uk/linksys/slugbootup.png

      There are no packets from an NSLU2 in that wireshark trace -- the NSLU2
      MAC address starts with 00:0f:xx:xx:xx:xx. Actually I think there are
      few more octets that are fixed, but your trace doesn't even have those
      first two octets in it, so if any packets were sent, they weren't
      captured by wireshark.

      > -- is that the sercomm upgrade
      >> utility --
      > I tried both all_router_utility.zip (837 KB) and Upgrade_207_XP.zip (894 KB)
      > but got nowhere with either.
      > But anyway, the fact that it can't find the NSLU2 indicates that either
      >> you have network problems (bad cable? bad port on a switch or router?
      >> are your hosts and the NSLU2 on the same side of a routed network
      >> segment?), or that you weren't in upgrade mode to begin with
      > cables are ok. I use a cisco router and if I do 'show int Fa-xxx' in the
      > router the console shows the mac address of the slug which means the router
      > can see it.

      Ok, I have no idea what a "show int Fa-xxx" means or does, so I have no
      way to know what that really does... but if it shows you the mac address
      of the slug, I guess that's a good thing. Is it cached from a long time
      ago, though? Or does that command do some sort of arp? Or is doing
      something else? No matter. The issue, at this point, boils down to:
      a) how do we know that the NSLU2 is sending DHCP packets? (The trace
      shows no NSLU2 packets)
      b) how do we know that whatever host is running wireshark is seeing all
      packets (most switches will filter packets not intended for the host on
      that particular port -- which would mean that one could see the DHCP
      broadcasts, but not the replies).

      > I'm getting a feeling this slug is bricked and maybe I have to
      > do the jtag thing which leads me to the obvious question: where can I buy
      > the right cable? I don't want to make one and I couldn't see the right one
      > on ebay. I'm in the UK.

      A bricked unit will not be capable of sending anything on the wire - it
      won't boot at all. So as long as you see LEDs doing something (other
      than the Ethernet LED, of course), it's not bricked.

      I'd take a step back, if this was my unit... pull it off the network
      where it is right now, pull off ALL cables and devices, find a switch or
      hub or cross-over cable and connect the NSLU2 directly to a port on my
      Linux host -- forming a private network, with nothing else in the way.
      Power up the NSLU2 while using wireshark on the Linux system port, and
      see what traffic appears.

      If that does nothing, then I'd follow the steps to get telnet access to
      redboot, in order to erase the sysconf partition (both techniques
      described in the wiki). That will reset everything to factory defaults
      -- boot the unit, and ping it at

      -Mike (mwester)
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