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24684Re: [nslu2-linux] newbie: firmware flash now cannot access slug

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  • Stephen Miller
    Dec 19, 2010
      I found mine in a bargain bin at a Radio Shack (a long time ago I guess...). It is a USB to Serial cable from a cellphone. The driving chip is a  PL2303. I suppose any USB<>serial can be modified BUT you must not feed RS232 level signals onto the PCB. The signals of the NSLU PCB are low level only. Seems to me that you could hack into a USB<>serial cable before the RS232 drivers and get something going.

      I think I saw a disk light on in the video and suggest you remove that for now. It should happily boot without it and it removes one more possible issue. Also, the red/green blink is ambiguous in later units and looked more like orange and not so orange. My units are early ones. If I hold in reset and then power it up, the top LED goes red about 9-10 seconds in. I then immediately release reset and it sits there with the top led blinking.

      Finally, I did see some versions of Slugos that had so much stuff in the firmware that there was no place for the system to store things itself (it wanted to right some info to flash storage I think). It is possible that this is a issue but I can't confirm that yet. This may be completely irrelevant now but I did see it once and fixed it by building an image with some things left out.

      On 10-12-19 12:43 PM, tonjg wrote:

      sdm485 wrote:
      > Nice video. That looks exactly like a perfectly happy slugos boot. It
      > should be on the wiki! Is it possible that the ethernet cable has a
      > damaged tip such that one of the plastic separators has closed?

      no the same cable worked perfectly before and I've also tried a different

      Curious about the reset into upgrade not working; perhaps a non
      > functional reset button. You may have to consider adding the serial
      > cable to the thing to find out what the problem is.

      do you know where I can buy the right cable? I'm in the UK.
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