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24651Re: Cross-compile toolchain

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  • clerew5
    Nov 1, 2010
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      --- In nslu2-linux@yahoogroups.com, Harsh <harshbaste@...> wrote:
      > Thanks a bunch for the direction! Probably saved me a lot of pain in the process.
      > I'll try and give it a go with the latest snapshot and tweak the OE build to see how it goes.

      It is not clear to me whether you need the cross-compiler in order to compile slugos itself (or maybe additional kernel modules), or whether you just want to compile applications to run on Slugos 5.3. If it's the former, then Mike is the expert and you do what he says. But if it is the latter, then you really do not need to get involved with all the OE stuff at all.

      Even the machinery for cross compiling Optware is more complex than it needs to be IMHO.

      I have constructed a cross-compiler which will compile for both slugos 4.8 and slugos 5.3, including both big and little endian versions of each, depending on just how you call it, and making use of the library and include files already available with the respective distributions, without making any versions of its own. It is still a bit hairy (I had to cheat the gcc Makefiles in a few places, which is why it is not ready for publication yet).
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