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24588Re:upnp/dlna servers with Unslung

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  • Andreas Wierda
    Aug 28, 2010

      My NSLU (266 MHz) runs TwonkyMedia without any problem. I have a TV with DNLA support (Philips 9604-series model) and 100 Mbps ethernet. 720p and lower-resolution videos run fine, there is only a slight delay when starting the video (a few seconds). There are no hickups once the video has started. I recently replaced my NSLU with a Synology DS209. There I have the same delay so it appears to be caused by the TV. 
      For HD videos the NSLU or the 100Mpbs connection is too low; there are hickups while playing the video.

      Besides Twonky my NLSU is also running Apache and Samba so I think it is safe to say the NSLU is powerfull enough to be used as a media server. 

      Note that the latest versions of Twonky do not work on the NSLU anymore. I used a license key of a new version in combination with older software I downloaded somewhere else. Google around a bit. If you want to I can send you the urls of the sites I used to get it working.

      When you are only interested in Audio; the mt-daapd server works fine on the NSLU also. I had it running in combination with a Pinnacle mediaplayer and that worked fine also. Advantage over Twonky; its free.'

      Hope this helps.


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