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24573network problems in upgrade mode

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  • Matt Tancock
    Aug 17, 2010
      I'm trying to reflash my slug. I'm running slugOS and a while back I lost the ability to ssh into my slug, but my media server was still running. This week the media server stopped working and I have no way to fix it! So decided to try reflashing. When it's running (which it appears to be - although I can ssh in if I remove the USB stick) it connects to the network fine - if I go to my router configuration, I can see the IP address assigned along with MAC address etc.

      As soon as I put it into upgrade mode,I get the green/red flashing light and the ethernet light is solid, along with my router light saying it detects a connection, but my slug doesn't appear on the network, can't be found by upslug2 and is generally not there. I've tried the process several times and nothing is working.

      Not sure what to do now...

      Any suggestions?

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