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24560Re: [nslu2-linux] try and run lsusb but get not found

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  • Stephen Miller
    Aug 4, 2010
      I bet /opt/bin is not in your path. /opt/sbin/lsusb might work.

      On 10-08-04 9:23 AM, peterantonvich wrote:

      can't run lsusb - says not found
      I'm running unslung 6.10
      I've installed usbutils 0.73

      a ipkg list_installed shows:
      usbutils - 0.73-3 - USB enumeration utilities
      libusb - 0.1.12-2 - Library for interfacing to the USB subsystem.

      I've tried a ipkg install usbutils -force-reinstall
      I can see lsusb and update-usbids.sh in opt\sbin
      I also tried running from there

      what I'm I missing?

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