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24558Re: [nslu2-linux] Mail server on the NSLU2

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  • Brendon Oliver
    Jul 29, 2010
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      > I have set up my Slug (SlugOs 4.8) as an imap mail server with
      > fetchmail, imap and procmail. Mail can be accessed from the LAN.
      > I need to access my mail from the internet as well. What is the best
      > sollution:
      > i. set up the imap server to receive connections from the internet
      > or
      > ii. use a mail client like mutt running on the slug through an ssh
      > connection
      I use the 2nd setup for best flexibility, but also tunnel imap over
      ssh. Another option could be to use squirrelmail if you want to setup a
      web server on the slug. I've done that in the past also, but prefer the
      imap over ssh setup.


      - brendon.
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