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24449Re: [nslu2-linux] build problem with opkg-cl hanging

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  • Hans Henry von Tresckow
    May 8, 2010
    On Fri, May 7, 2010 at 12:02 PM, Mike Westerhof (mwester) <mwester@...> wrote:

    Steve wrote:
    > I have not been able to work around the issue of opkg-cl wanting to know what to do about overwriting dev_table when building the rootfs. I have run the script in the directory and it builds the images but, when I download and boot an image, it always stops saying 'unable to open initial console' which I think is a nice way of saying there is no initrd. Anyone care to whack me with a cluebat on this?

    A recent "fix" committed into the OE repository had the side-effect of
    breaking SlugOS builds. I have not had time to investigate a fix, but
    since at least one other person besides myself is running into this
    problem, I will raise the priority of trying to resolve this. It is
    complicated by the fact that presumably the change fixed a problem for
    someone else, so I cannot just revert their change...

    Please try the attached patch. I looked at the logs, and opkg-cl was hanging while waiting for the "user" to decide which device tables to use. I added -force-defaults to  IPKG_ARGS and the build worked. I haven't tested the image yet though. If this works, I'll send the patch to the OE list.

    Henry von Tresckow (hvontres)
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