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24427Re: Can you fatten my slugs?

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  • Kolbjørn Barmen
    Apr 22, 2010
      On Thu, 22 Apr 2010, j wrote:

      > Kolbjørn Barmen wrote:
      > > I'm looking for someone to fatten my three slugs :)
      > >
      > why not just buy something like the asus WL500GP ?

      Because I already got an WL500GX (+WLHDD and more) to cover my MIPS needs?

      Yes, the sheevaplug is nice, but I'd rather have the geekplug. And since
      I'm a weirdo I might even get the OpenRD too, since it spesifically says
      that is supports bigendian mode, which I for mysterious reasons like to
      build gentoo packages for.

      Really, you dont need to resque me out of my insanity :)

      -- kolla
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