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24328Re: [nslu2-linux] Installing 5.3 on Dlink DSM-G600

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  • Mike Westerhof (mwester)
    Mar 3, 2010
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      How did the serial port mod work out? But before getting started too
      far on this, the number one problem faced by folks is the DSM-G600
      hardware version, so I just want to make absolutely sure that you've got
      a Rev A unit, right? :-)

      The quickest path to success is to tuck a copy of the APEX bootloader
      into an unused portion of the flash on the device. I'll have to dig up
      the emails on how to do this, but you'll want to make sure you have a
      term emulator that can upload/download via the XMODEM protocol. Once
      that's established, I'll see if I can find the URL to the DSM version of
      that bootloader, and email that out as well.

      -Mike (mwester)

      brthacker wrote:
      > Can anyone please help me with getting 5.3 installed on my DSM-G600? I've had it sitting in a closet for a while and after finding the info on running SlugOS on it decided to give it a try instead of eBaying it. I've heard it's been done and I do know that I'll need the serial port, which I plan to install this week. Any other help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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