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24285Re: [nslu2-linux] Re: Slug as Time Machine

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  • M.J. Johnson
    Feb 3, 2010
         Thanks, marbordom... this seems very helpful, and I'll give it a shot tonight.

         A couple of questions:

         - In section 1) below, where should I be authenticating as user (in your example) "apple"?  According to the wiki instructions, doesn't the line:

      "Time Capsule" -uamlist uams_guest.so

         in afpd.conf take care of this for me?  That is, shouldn't I be able to authenticate as "guest"?

         - In section 2) below, in the line:

      /home/apple "apple"

         I assume the name "apple" in quotes is the name of the share I'm publishing through afp... correct?

         Thanks again,

         - M.J.

      On Wed, Feb 3, 2010 at 12:49 PM, marbordom <marbordom@...> wrote:

      You need to mount the volume in which the sparsebundle resides manually before you setup Time machine for the first time ! Mac OS wont scan your network for it.

      Finder-> Go -> Connect to server
      After that you will see this volume in your selection for timemachine.

      Here the longer version: Basically this worked for me (on a DNS-323) but must work on a nslu2 as well.

      1) set up afp server
      I assume:
      homedir for apple=/home/apple
      nslu2 IP =

      2) in the config file AppleVolumes.default
      add line:

      /home/apple "apple"

      3) start apple talk server (afpd)
      4) create sparsebundle file
      I assume:
      hostname of mac computer=macbook
      MAC of mac computer=0023abbadead
      sparsebundle name=macbook_0023abbadead.sparsebundle
      5) transfer sparsebundle to
      Note: I transferred it tar'ed and gzipped and then uncompressed
      There should be a directory on nslu2:
      6) mount from mac osx the apple volume
      7) setup Time machine using this Volume "apple"

      Sometimes Time machine wont mount the volume and you see a backup "delayed" message. I think that it is not bulletproof to use a non Apple Time Machine supported network drive but so be it...
      I experience that afp is more reliable than samba/cifs for time machine and prob. supports links and weird characters.


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