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24195Debian install with 2 new disks

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  • Patrick Schekkerman
    Jan 1, 2010

      First of all: Happy new year everybody!

      The first thing i want to do this year is getting my slug ready for
      the next decade of this century.
      At the moment my nslu2 Is unslung 6.8 with a 320gb harddrive in the
      usbport 2. This is because i used to have my printer in the first
      usbport. But i have another solution for that now. The disk is getting
      soo full that im not realy comfortable putting files on it anymore,
      wich is a pain because now those files are taking my computer and
      eating their way out from its inside.

      What i want to do is install debian and use two 1 tb usb2 drives (that
      santa gave me). I don't know if there is a possibility for debian on a
      slug to treat the two disk as one? If thats possible, how do i make
      that happen? If it isn't, how do i get debian see the second disk? And
      can can i still place /home on the other disk?
      What is a good way to partition the disk(s), size-wise and how much
      space for swap is advisable?
      Then, what would be the easiest way to transfer the files that are
      currently on the old 320gb disk to one of the new 1tb disks? Copy them
      to my computer and then, once debian is installed, copy them back, or
      can i connect the old disk later on, just to copy the files?

      I tried to search all this stuff but i, as we say here, couldn't see
      the trees through the forest anymore. Maybe someone can help, advise
      or send me links?
      Hope you can help, thanks in advance.

      Kind regards,
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