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24042Slug hangs when trying to create directory on a 1Tb ext3 drive

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  • gullaugu
    Sep 28, 2009
      I am running slugosBE 5.3 and have nfs and samba set up. Recently, trying to create a directory through nfs freezes the slug and only plugging the cord works for getting it back. ssh won't work and I don't have a serial cable. Trying to create a directory directly from the slug doesn't freeze it, but the ssh connection is reset and I can't log in again. But the power button actually does its thing. Connecting that same drive to my laptop (after fsck) and I can create the directory.

      The drive is 1Tb and using the ext3 file system. Is there a limitation to the number of directories on the slug? Does anyone have a fix for this? I hate to have to connect the drive to my laptop to create directories.
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