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24001[nslu2-linux] Re: rtorrent/libtorrent package: request of inclusion of --with-posix-fallocate

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  • reqman@freemail.gr
    Sep 5, 2009
      > rtorrent/libtorrent.mk is marked as group maintained ("NSLU2 Linux" <nslu2-=
      > linux@yahoogroups.com>). This means anyone with optware commit access can i=
      > mprove the build recipe.

      If only I was a cook :)

      > I just got back from a vacation, and made the change per request for glibc =
      > platforms. I've only tested it to the extent that it does not crash on star=
      > tup. Please "ipkg update; ipkg install libtorrent" and test.

      Seems to work _awesomely_! To rtorrent users out there: remember to include the following line in .rtorrent.rc (or whatever you use) in order for files to preallocated:

      system.file_allocate.set = no

      Congrats to both the rtorrent developer rakhasha and to you all optware lads, thumbs up!


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