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23998[nslu2-linux] Re: rtorrent/libtorrent package: request of inclusion of --with-posix-fallocate

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  • reqman@freemail.gr
    Sep 3, 2009
      cbm128 wrote:
      > reqman wrote:
      > > For me this is a significant change, since files downloaded up
      > > to now suffered from serious fragmentation (as can be seen by
      > > trying filefrag -v wher e is an rtorrent downloaded file).
      > > Although preallocating the file leads to a delay in starting
      > > the actual download, IMHO, and for small nas platforms, the
      > > advantages outweigh the delay disadvantage. No disk thrashing
      > > takes place, streaming is with less delays etc.
      > I use debian stable on NSLU and I'm suffering from the same
      > devastating issue: on stuff downloaded I get ext3 read
      > performance from my HD in the order of 2.5MB/s, whereas I/O
      > from a non fragmented file is in the order of 14MB/s. So yes
      > this issue has definetly an impact.

      I would like to kindly ask the rtorrent/libtorrent maintainer(s) to have these packages configured per the original poster, ie:
      > In order for rtorrent/libtorrent to utilize
      > preallocation, it must be configured with
      > '--with-posix-fallocate' >
      > (see http://libtorrent.rakshasa.no/ticket/460#comment:35 )

      TIA for taking the time to (re-)consider this request.

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