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23927Re: CUPS printing to LPD Unslung 6.10-beta? Or should I change firmware?

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  • starnamer
    Aug 9, 2009
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      Thanks Mike. It works as expected!

      I was thrown by the fact that after initially installing CUPS, I got 'Unsupported format' errors from both trying to use the command 'lpr' (text/plain) and trying to print a test page (application/postscript).

      This led me to this the renderer wouldn't run. I tried simply setting up to print remotely (changing firewall setting) and, after solving the "using invalid Host: field" problem (the external hostname needs to be in the/etc/hosts file), it worked fine.

      I then tried the 'lpr' command and printing a test page and these work too, although, as expected, printing postscript causes paging. However, it seems the NSLU2 will use a local renderer without dying. Perhaps it would be worse for more complex print.

      Anyway, thanks for your advice.

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