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23892Re: [nslu2-linux] slugOSBE - UShare

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  • Mike Westerhof (mwester)
    Jul 28, 2009
      > Has anyone had any success installing/configuring UShare on slugOSBE 5.3?
      > I issued the opkg install ushare
      > However when I attempt to start ushare I get the following:
      > /etc/init.d/ushare: .: line 30: can't open /lib/lsb/init-functions
      > It seems lsb-base is not installed nor was I able to find it in the opkg
      > repositories.
      > Anyone have any ideas?

      Wow - looks like this has been broken for a long time, and not just for
      SlugOS -- for a lot of embedded distros.

      As a workaround, just edit the /etc/init.d/ushare script to remove the
      references to /lib/lsb/init-functions (at a minimum). You may have to
      tweak the start-stop-server lines as well, and the logging lines should
      just be "echo" statements.

      It turns out that lsb-base is not part of the Openembedded framework
      (which we use to build SlugOS); instead we'll have to write our own
      specific startup script.

      Mike (mwester)
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