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23730Re: [nslu2-linux] Re: Marvell SheevaPlug Port --- Has anybody seen this?

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  • David Given
    Jun 7, 2009
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      CN wrote:
      > David, That is good to know. But the 5w (that you say) as the pwr of
      > SheevaPlug is definitely not half that of the Slug. Long time ago I had precisely
      > measured the power usage and listed here. Even though the pwr supply is rated
      > at 5v, 2amp that is (almost) enough to supply two attached notebook drives. If I
      > remember correctly, the slug itself takes only about 2 or 3 watts.

      I got my numbers from here:


      ...although cross referencing elsewhere shows that they're probably
      wrong. Go wiki!

      Oh, yes, one other thing where the SheevaPlug wins is that it has proper
      USB power circuitry: you can plug high-load devices into it and they'll
      actually run, without any of the weird brownouts the NSLU2 is prone to.
      One day I'd like to meet whichever designer at Linksys thought that
      would be a good idea...

      (In fact, you can take the lid off the SheevaPlug and you end up with a
      mini 5V switch mode supply in one hand and the computer in the other.
      It's *ideal* for running off batteries.)

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