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23714Marvell SheevaPlug Port --- Has anybody seen this?

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  • CN
    Jun 2, 2009

      I am a long term user of slugosBE; have two servers running Apache/php, with
      many user logins from the web (private, password protected access only).
      Have not made any upgrades or significant changes for a couple of year. Have
      not visited this forum for a while either

      Yesterday at the JavaOne conference in San Francisco, I came across the very
      new Marvell SheevaPlug, available for $99:


      It is quite faster than the slug, has 512M memory (!) and the network port is
      Gigabit (!). I wonder if anybody here has ported a slug type distribution to that
      one? Since the development plug has two usb ports, it should work as is for all
      applications of the current slug. The final product (non development kit) has
      only one usb port and is expected to be at about $40 or so. More importantly,
      it is open source from the get go and they are trying to sell this for
      development of various home embedded applications.

      At their small forum, I have noticed a user, bzhou with a product app. I assume
      it is the very helpful Brian of the same forum. If so, Brian, how easy would it be
      to bring a slugosbe type on that one, with similar modules?

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