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23583Re: [nslu2-linux] Re: slug usb controller hurt?

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  • Sébastien Lorquet
    Apr 9, 2009
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      Soldering the four pin header was a pain. The ground and +5 pin are tied
      to a large copper area, so it is hard to get enough heat to the joint on
      those two pins.

      Yes, soldering the header was a pain indeed, because 3 of 4 holes were filled with solder. Fortunately my company has a small electronics lab where I could find desoldering material + a desktop magnifier =)
      And I had to insist a bit to get these two soldered :)

      Here is a sample of the boot messages (using "minicom -o") :

      Thanks for the sample log output, i'll have a try ASAP.

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