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23580Re: jamvm (Java VM) on SlugOS ==> "ld.so does not support TLS, but program uses

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  • Brian Zhou
    Apr 9 9:29 AM
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      There're actually a few options for running java on nslu2, availability depends on firmware version.

      1. jamvm (available on almost all firmware)
      2. Sun phoneme-advanced cvm (java 1.2, but quite fast)
      3. cacao (currently only available on armel EABI platforms)

      I think OE also have jamvm and cacao build recipes, it's just not built for slugos.

      I use java in my day job. I cannot say I like java that much. But it's certainly used a lot.


      --- In nslu2-linux@yahoogroups.com, "Mike (mwester)" <mwester@...> wrote:
      > Astonishing! :-) "Hello world" in Java --- in 32 MB of RAM! (Most
      > every Java app I encounter in the commercial world measures required
      > memory in multiple gigabytes.)
      > [Can you tell I don't like Java much? :-) Sorry, couldn't resist the
      > comments there, it truly is amazing that it works on such a small device.]
      > I did try it, just to make sure all is well on 5.3-beta. It installs
      > and works fine.
      > Follow the SlugOS install guide on the wiki, and at least read it even
      > if you are an experienced SlugOS user, and note that opkg installs stuff
      > from the SlugOS feeds, and after you run the magic script, ipkg will be
      > available to install stuff from the optware feeds (which is where the
      > Java tools will be).
      > - Mike "C and Perl forever!" (mwester)
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