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23505Where did usermod go?

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  • bommeej
    Mar 28 10:03 AM
      I just acquired a NSLU2 and without a thought started hacking it. I have SlugOs running perfectly with a USB drive as the root file system. All was going according to plan, until I went to install Samba (and wanted to add a group of users) when it became apparent there wasn't any usermod command.

      I have spent a good deal of time searching and am at a loss.

      I even gave the ole "hand bomb" a try and edited the /etc/groups file with no avail:

      root@SLUG:~# grep users /etc/group
      root@SLUG:~# groups bill
      bill : bill

      I noticed there are two */etc/groups files in the system, /initr/etc/groups and /etc/groups. What gives?

      Any help would be appreciated.
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