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23298Using ddclient on SlugOS/BE 4.8 Beta. Is this possible?

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  • bettega_stefano
    Mar 5, 2009
      I just installed SlugOS/BE 4.8 Beta on my NSLU2, with samba and ntpclient using ipkg.

      I installed ez-ipupdate, but figured out it doesn't work for my network, as NSLU2 is connected to a router and ez-ipupdate only gets my eth0 local address and not my public address (the only way to make it work is by applying a patch to ez-ipupdate).

      So I decided to use ddclient, but ddclient did not appear in my ipkg list. I was wondering if I could add more repositories to my ipkg configuration. I added the new source "http://ipkg.nslu2-linux.org/feeds/unslung/cross/" into my ipkg configuration directory, did an ipkg update and then ddclient appeared in my ipkg list. I did an ipkg install ddclient, and it worked: ddclient was installed into /opt/sbin, and also perl was downloaded...

      ... but it doesn't work. I configured ddclient in /opt/etc/ddclient.conf, but when i start ddclient from command line, there are some error in compiling perl script. Am I doing the right thing? In fact any SlugOS/BE package ends with -armv5teb, while unslung packages ends with -armeb. Are those architectures compatible? Is there any other option to set up?

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