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23099Re: Power adaptor problem

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  • Joel Gebhart
    Feb 2, 2009
      --- In nslu2-linux@yahoogroups.com, "Harsh Baste" <harshbaste@...> wrote:

      > The NSLU2 doesn't power up of course but what I'm more worried about
      > is - have I bricked the NSLU2 or just bricked the power adapter?

      90% chance you just borked the power adapter. Get any switch mode
      power adapter (that means the voltage supplied is very stable
      regardless of load) with the correct size and polarity tip. I forget
      exactly but I think the NSLU2 comes with a 5vdc 2amp power adapter but
      can operate on between about 5 - 15vdc.

      If you use something different, ask again for verification that I
      remember this correctly and get a power adapter that can provide
      comparable power. That would be at least 1 amp at 10v or .7 amps at
      15v. In the US RadioShack sells high quality power adapters with tips
      that you can select the correct size. I have seen similar but cheaper
      looking power supplies other places.

      Good luck
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