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22779Re: Samba upgrade installs xinted: no telnet nor SWAT after this

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  • doll_oliver
    Dec 21, 2008
      --- In nslu2-linux@yahoogroups.com, "doll_oliver" wrote:
      > [...] But my latest status is:
      > Either I upgrade to Samba 3.2 with or without using xinted
      > making the changes mentioned above SWAT's status page lists
      > smbd: not running
      > nmbd: not running
      > though samba is running and the pages lists open connections,
      > shares and files. [...]

      I think I finally got SWAT working on the Unslung image, again:
      Beside the IP range of the local ethernet interface which needed to be
      added to the smb.conf ("interfaces = <myEth-IP>, ipx0, lo") config I
      also added

      Now, /opt/bin/nmblookup -A localhost.
      Looking up status of
      NLSU2 <00> - H <ACTIVE>
      NSLU2 <03> - H <ACTIVE>
      NSLU2 <20> - H <ACTIVE>
      ..__MSBROWSE__. <01> - <GROUP> H <ACTIVE>
      MY_DOMAIN <1d> - H <ACTIVE>
      MY_DOMAIN <1b> - H <ACTIVE>
      MY_DOMAIN <1c> - <GROUP> H <ACTIVE>
      MY_DOMAIN <1e> - <GROUP> H <ACTIVE>
      MY_DOMAIN <00> - <GROUP> H <ACTIVE>

      MAC Address = 00-00-00-00-00-00

      works again. I guess the translation of "ipx0" and "lo" got broken on
      Unslung for samba 3.2+!?
      thx & cheers
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