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22743Re: Python Installation on SlugOS 4.8-beta

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  • Brian Zhou
    Dec 9, 2008
      --- In nslu2-linux@yahoogroups.com, "reuter.rudolf" <reuterru@...>
      > Still one question of curiosity:
      > I have seen under optware python24, python25, python26 and python30
      > packages. The package "python" symlinks now to python25. Hence, I
      > guess this is the most stable one, concerning the use of external
      > modules. Which events will then shift the symlink to a newer
      > e.g. python26?

      Currently most python packages have py24 and py25 subpackages.

      My plan is:

      1. Start move from (py24-foo, py25-foo) to (py25-foo, py26-foo);
      2. When most python packages have been moved, switch the python
      3. Add py30-pkg on a per-request basis. python30 won't be the default
      for a while, but people are encouraged to test python30 and py30

      Feedback welcome,

      -Brian Zhou
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