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22736Re: Python Installation on SlugOS 4.8-beta

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  • Brian Zhou
    Dec 8, 2008
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      > 1. Moving /opt/bin/ in file /etc/profile to the first place in the
      > PATH statement showed the problem that WinSCP no longer worked.
      > Therefore I left /opt/bin at the end of PATH. Test with $ env.
      You only need to change the PATH for your particular script, no need
      to make the PATH global. You can even try something real quick with
      "env PATH=/opt/bin:$PATH /path/to/your/script"

      > 2. I have not seen any symlink /opt/bin/python. In
      > /opt/lib/ipkg/info/python25.list there is no file like
      What I meant was that "/opt/bin/ipkg install python" would install the
      /opt/bin/python symlink.

      > 3. Seeing in /usr/bin that "python" (version 2.5.1) was a copy of
      > "python2.5" I renamed "python" to "python.org". Next step was to
      > /opt/bin/python2.5 to /opt/bin/python. When I call now "env python"
      > the python version 2.5.2 from /opt/bin/ was called.
      > Is that a good solution?
      See 2.

      Good luck,

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