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22398Re: CUPS is working!

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  • Joel Gebhart
    Sep 29, 2008
      I got it fixed!

      I first got the CUPS webserver working, because it was giving me a "526
      upgrade required" message when I tried to do anything but view the main
      page. Then I used the website to add the printer. The reference in the
      directions to using a HP990c confused me into doing the wrong things.
      It really has nothing to do with that printer, just the default
      configuration for that printer happens to use the correct printer
      language settings.

      The physical device shows up on the CUPS add printer dialogs as a "HP
      F4100 blah". You must leave the selection "HP deskjet series 1.3 blah
      blah blah" printer language alone (which is what prints to the "raw USB
      mode" whatever that means). And you can name the printer anything you

      When you install it in Windows, you MUST use the correct printer driver
      for the printer you are using. The HP990c is NOT generic, and nothing
      will happen if you use that driver and don't have that printer. In my
      case there is no F4180 driver, you have to use the F4100 driver. Adding
      insult to injury, Windows obviously didn't ship with this newer driver.
      In Windows "add printer" dialog the standard drivers that come with
      windows are listed under "HP", and contain nothing that work. However,
      after you install the CD that came with the printer, there is a new
      entry in the Windows "add printer" dialog under "Hewlett-Packard", and
      it contains only newly added drivers including the F4100.

      When I was trying to cat a file into /dev/lp0, I set the "print to file"
      option with the HP990c driver, so the F4180 printer didn't know what to
      do with the file.

      I have it printing from Windows clients. Now I just haven't been able
      to get Ubuntu clients to print to it. It seems CUPS on the NSLU2 isn't
      publishing the queue, but I am not at convinced I am trying to set it up
      right. That may be a problem for another forum though.

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