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22392Re: [nslu2-linux] CUPS or my printer quit working - any more ideas?

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  • Darren Yung
    Sep 29, 2008
      Log into your SLUG and see if there is a /dev/lp0 device.  Perhaps when it got re-plugged in, your printer got identified and mapped to /dev/lp1 instead?  Just so we've got all the bases covered, is both ends of the USB cable plugged in?

      Did you give both devices a reboot (power off/on)?  I'd power them both off, then power on the printer, and then once its "ready" I'd power on the SLUG.  Hopefully it will recognize the printer plugged into its USB port.


      On Mon, Sep 29, 2008 at 12:09 PM, Joel Gebhart <colin@...> wrote:


      I installed CUPS per the directions here on my Unslung 6.10 install with a HP Deskjet F4180 printer plugged into USB port 1.

      It worked for one day, until I forgot to install the new printer in my girlfriend's computer account, and she unplugged the printer from the NSLU2 and plugged it directly into the computer.  I have now followed all the directions on the above page and I can't get it working again.

      Starting from the most basic I tried, "Perform a "print to file" on your Windows machine (chose the "File->Print" dialog, But check the "Print to file" option), transfer the file to the NSLU2 and do cat filename > /dev/lp0. If this works, the printer and drivers work." This did nothing.

      So then I tried the section entitled -

      CUPS doesn't see my printer device.

      • Make sure that the driver, printer.o, is loaded by typing lsmod.
      • Printer.o is not loaded, but printer.c is loaded.  Is this correct, or a problem?
      • Try to print directly to the device as is descibed under point 4 in the "can't print from Samba"-section.
      • As above, I tried and nothing happened.
      • Check /var/log/messages as you connect the printer and verify that it is (a) recognized by the kernel and (b) picked up by the printer driver.
      • For someone still fairly new to Linux this is ambiguous.  I did see where the kernel recognized and enumerated the new USB device, and where printer.c appears to load.  Should I see more?
      Is there anything else I can try?  Are there any more appropriate forums for this question?


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