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22391CUPS or my printer quit working - any more ideas?

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  • Joel Gebhart
    Sep 29, 2008

      I installed CUPS per the directions here on my Unslung 6.10 install with a HP Deskjet F4180 printer plugged into USB port 1.

      It worked for one day, until I forgot to install the new printer in my girlfriend's computer account, and she unplugged the printer from the NSLU2 and plugged it directly into the computer.  I have now followed all the directions on the above page and I can't get it working again.

      Starting from the most basic I tried, "Perform a "print to file" on your Windows machine (chose the "File->Print" dialog, But check the "Print to file" option), transfer the file to the NSLU2 and do cat filename > /dev/lp0. If this works, the printer and drivers work." This did nothing.

      So then I tried the section entitled -

      CUPS doesn't see my printer device.
      • Make sure that the driver, printer.o, is loaded by typing lsmod.
      • Printer.o is not loaded, but printer.c is loaded.  Is this correct, or a problem?
      • Try to print directly to the device as is descibed under point 4 in the "can't print from Samba"-section.
      • As above, I tried and nothing happened.
      • Check /var/log/messages as you connect the printer and verify that it is (a) recognized by the kernel and (b) picked up by the printer driver.
      • For someone still fairly new to Linux this is ambiguous.  I did see where the kernel recognized and enumerated the new USB device, and where printer.c appears to load.  Should I see more?
      Is there anything else I can try?  Are there any more appropriate forums for this question?

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