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22361Re: Unslung 6.10 amuled amuleweb (amulecmd) do'nt open tcp socket

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  • szabolcsgyalokay
    Sep 22, 2008
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      Hi Philippe,

      > reboot, start (auto) of amuled, start without specific output, just a
      > message about a crypted file creation

      Does it say "Credits: Error while creating signature:
      InvertibleRSAFunction: computational error during private key operation"?

      > but on netstat -lp I don't any listen on port 4712 ou 4711
      > If I start amuleweb (after creation and input of password in
      >remote.conf) amuleweb write a message :
      > creating client ... and no more actions, I am oblige to stop
      >thru a kill or CtrlC on terminal.
      > amule is in version 2.2.2
      > Unslung in Beta 6.10

      After the text "creating client" appears, please check with top, how
      much of your processor time amuled burns. For me it seems to run in
      endless loop, saturating the processor.

      For me it seems that you have actually two problems, the first is with
      crypto++. For me recompiling crypto++ without optimizations solved it.
      Maybe the package maintainer should change the optimizations settings.

      The second problem is that amuled consumes all processor time after a
      while, I have still no solution for that.

      I have the same problems with OpenWRT on wl-500gP, but that is a
      different processor, it is mipsel, not an arm.

      If you have the same problems this seems to be more general.

      Is amule 2.2.2 working for anybody out there?


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