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22331Unslung 6.10 amuled amuleweb (amulecmd) do'nt open tcp socket

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  • phild_mande
    Sep 17, 2008
      I just install (fresh) unslung beta 6.10 (ext hdd 250 GB)
      install openssh (run fine)
      install torrentflux & Ligthtpd
      Run fine with torrentflux on lighttpd
      I install amule (ipkg update, ipkg install amule)
      Make modification in amule.conf
      Enable web server

      reboot, start (auto) of amuled, start without specific output, just a
      message about a crypted file creation

      but on netstat -lp I don't any listen on port 4712 ou 4711
      If I start amuleweb (after creation and input of password in remote.conf)

      amuleweb write a message :
      creating client ... and no more actions, I am oblige to stop thru a
      kill or CtrlC on terminal.

      amule is in version 2.2.2
      Unslung in Beta 6.10
      NB I have made a test by restarting from fresh install with only ssh
      before installing amule (same prob).

      Idea ?
      Thanks for help, regards
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