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22234Re: [nslu2-linux] Linux - Loading Ethernet microcode

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  • Rod Whitby
    Sep 2, 2008
      linuxrouter wrote:
      > The MII read failed messages was from a different issue. Even after loading
      > the microcode, I got these read failed messages repeatedly after turning up
      > eth0. I also got a notice that the link state was down on eth0. I was able
      > to turn up eth1 and assign an address to it without any issue even though I
      > could not access the network. Eth1 would show a status link down after
      > disconnecting the Ethernet cable and link up after reconnecting. After
      > searching around the Internet for quite a while I noticed that others were
      > having some issues with the PHY value being incorrect. I made a couple small
      > modifications to this file:
      > --- linux- 2008-08-20
      > 11:11:37.000000000 -0700
      > +++ linux- 2008-09-01
      > 17:11:25.718895843 -0700
      > There might be a better way to fix this problem, but I wanted to post this
      > in case any one else has a problem getting network support to work via the
      > 2.6.26 kernel on a NSLU2.

      The NSLU2 kernel does not use the ixdp425-setup.c file. MII port
      allocation is done in the nslu2-setup.c file in the mainline kernel.

      -- Rod
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