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22231[nslu2-linux] Linux - Loading Ethernet microcode

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  • linuxrouter
    Aug 30, 2008
      I have been working on trying to get Ethernet support to work via the kernel and have been having trouble loading the microcode. I put
      together a custom file system (built as big endian) that is fairly simple
      with busybox, necessary glibc libraries, udev-127, and a few other things. I
      downloaded the IPL_ixp400NpeLibrary-2.4.zip file from the Intel site. Using
      the source files in this archive and the associated IxNpeMicrocode.h file I
      was able to build the following files:

      NPE-A.10820200 -> NPE-A
      NPE-B.01000201 -> NPE-B
      NPE-C.02000201 -> NPE-C

      I put these files in /lib/firmware.

      When I load the ixp4xx_eth module, I get the following in the kernel log:

      eth0: MII PHY 0 on NPE-B
      eth0: MII read failed
      eth0: MII read failed
      eth1: MII PHY 1 on NPE-C

      ifconfig shows that there is no associated Hwaddress set on either eth0 or
      eth1. If I set the hw address manually and turn up eth0, I get this:

      firmware: requesting NPE-B
      <significant delay>
      ifconfig: SIOCSIFFLAGS: No such file or directory

      I am guessing that the driver cannot find the microcode. I have read through
      the Intel documentation, which states that you can make a device called
      ixNpe (c 241 0) and cat the microcode to this device. However, if I do that
      I get a return message of “No such device or address”. I do not know if the
      open source driver uses a different major for the device node. I do have the
      /lib/udev/firmware.sh file installed along with the rest of the udev

      I was wondering if anyone knew how I could get the microcode loaded with the kernel and its built in Ethernet driver? Is there a patch I need
      for the kernel? Right now I am loading the kernel and file system to RAM via
      Redboot for testing. Thanks in advance.

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