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22107Samba file transfer creates zone identifier files...

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  • doll_oliver
    Aug 5, 2008
      --- In nslu2-linux@yahoogroups.com, "doll_oliver" wrote:
      > When I logged into
      > the Slug I found that when I copied a file with the file name - let's
      > say "myfile.txt" to my network share that not only that file got
      > created but also a second one with the file name
      > "myfile.txt:Zone.Identifier:$DATA"
      > So I decide to restore my backup before the upgrade and I returned to
      > 3.0.28a-1 ...

      I tried to look for the reason why these files get created since I
      upgraded to samba 3.2. Searching the web I found the info [1] that one
      should add

      veto files = /*.Zone.Identifier:*/

      to the GLOBAL section in samba config file, but frankly this looks
      more like a workaround to me!?

      When looking at the samba 3.2 release notes I guess this behavior had
      been introced by one of the two features?

      o Support for storing alternate data streams in xattrs.
      o Encrypted SMB transport in client tools and libraries, and server.

      Unfortunately the Search function is currently not working on the
      samba.org site(s).
      thx & cheers

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